created by Bruce published on 18 May 2017

Tracy Smith from Public Health Bristol writes:

"You may already know about our service but just in case you don’t, I work for Public Health Bristol along with three others who are experts by experience, by that I mean they have a learning disability and together we provide 1:1 support to adults who have a learning disability (LD). 

GP surgeries and other organisations in Bristol are already referring people to us, but we have spare capacity, so please consider using our service, which is free of charge to you.

We work with:

  • People with a learning disability (who are still highly functioning and relatively independent), and who
  • Live in the community (possibly with advocacy or other support), and who
  • Are in receipt of Personal Independence Payments (direct payments) from social services on account of their learning disability.


We offer up to 6 support sessions to each individual and work with them to improve their lifestyle and wellbeing by (for example):

  • Discussing smoking, alcohol, diet, activity and other lifestyle factors;
  • Building confidence by reducing social isolation, and
  • Helping access services.

In addition, we organise a weekly walk in central Bristol regularly attended by many people with LD, and help to facilitate a social group for people with LD who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender +.

“Miss S was referred to us by her GP.  She needed support around healthy eating and weight loss.  Current weight loss groups were not accessible to her.  We referred her to the LD Dietitians and introduced her to our weekly health walk.  She liked the walking group so much she is now a fully trained walk leader and volunteers on our walks.  Her weight is coming down and her circle of friends has grown.  She is much happier with life”

To make an online referral to our team please follow this link

Easy read self-referral here

More info here

Or Google “LiveWell Bristol” and find us under the “Learning Disabilities” tab."

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