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The Importance of Postcodes

created by Mike published on 13 October 2015

The simplest way to search is to type in a keyword and click the magnifying glass, but this will return a list of hits from all over the former Avon area and beyond. In order to narrow down the hits, you can apply one or more of the filters on the right side of the screen (e.g. you can choose to only see organisations which serve Bristol).

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World Mental Health Day

created by Joe published on 09 October 2015

Its world mental health day this coming Saturday the 10th of October 2015. Mental health effects one in 4 people and is important to all of us. World Mental Health Day gives individuals and organisations the ideal opportunity to raise awareness of mental health within their community

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Keeping Well Aware up to date

created by Bruce published on 09 October 2015

Keeping Well Aware up to date Well Aware has details of over 6000 organisations, which is fantastic. However, the information is only useful if it is accurate and up to date. We encourage registered users to maintain their own records by contacting them every six months, requesting they check their details are correct. 

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Lauren Finds 93 Year Old Service User an Accessible Dentist in Her Area

created by Lauren published on 09 October 2015

Last month Well Aware Outreach Officer Dan gave a talk to the Older People’s Forum on how older people can use the Well Aware service to access health and social care services in their area. A 93 year old lady who attended the forum spoke to Dan about her dentist. She wanted to change to another dentist because hers was on the first floor and she was having trouble using the stairs.

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South Gloucestershire Wellbeing Survey

created by Mike published on 29 September 2015

South Gloucestershire Council and The Care Forum have created a survey to identify ways to improve support for people with mental health issues in our community and shape future services. The survey is open to all residents of South Gloucestershire and there is a prize draw for a £50 Mall voucher. For further information and to complete the survey, please click here.

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