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Designed by a family Carer, the 247grid tool is A practical and visual resource to help people map their weekly lives and the support they need to live it. Using colour and text the simple tools will help you look at the big picture and identify gaps or areas of need where support is needed.
The costing tools will hep you calculate how much you may need to cover the costs of the support/activities you have chosen AND it is a great tool to help you manage a direct payment because as you allocate the support funds to your weekly planner you see the net balance of what you have left to spend
The perfect resource for family carers, providers and social workers to explain how a relative's package is being spent.
It can be used to help clients to know what activity they are going to and which member of staff is supporting them
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Private Business
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Care calculator
This organisation provides support around
Personal Health Services Socialising / Out and About Emotional Support Living, Learning, Working Support Around the Home / Home Help
This organisation provides support for
Children & Young People Disabled People Families Parents Older People Adults Learning Difficulties Carers
South Gloucestershire Bristol Bath and North East Somerset North Somerset Somerset
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Time Designers Ltd
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Alexandra House

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The 247grid is a visual tool to help someone to work out what care and support they need. where when and how much it could cost.
Accessed online at home, in local library, Internet cafe, community centre web links


247, ,person centred planning, PcP, finance, money, direct payments, personal budget, management, assessment, brokerage, funding,

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Not 100% compatible with iPads yet


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Services that increase accessibility

The 247grid empowers people to have choice and control over their care and support.


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