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ATE Trust - Superweeks

What or who is The ATE Trust?

ATE seeks to contribute to children’s education by providing opportunities to learn about themselves and other people and to discover new things about the world around them. We provide children with a safe, supportive environment away from the pressure of ‘real life’ in which ATE cultivates child-focused holidays where days are play-packed and leave a child with memories that we believe are essential to a happy childhood. We achieve this by having a deep rooted, traceable history in education, and running intensive residential training courses for the volunteers who care for the children.

What is a super week?
Each Superweek is a week long, and you stay there the whole time, so we need to make sure our centres are just right. The places where Superweeks are happening this summer are altogether rather unforgettable (hopefully you’ve already seen our centres page).
When we look for a Superweek centre, we have a very long list of things we like it to have, including;

A swimming pool (most of our centres have their own pool)
Lots and lots and lots of outdoor spaces, fields and woods.
Big indoor spaces for evening activities and games.
Little indoor spaces for smaller groups to use as their own, or to hide in!
Lovely dormitories for night time whisperings and cosy sleeps.

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Getting Around
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Children & Young People
South Gloucestershire Bristol Bath and North East Somerset North Somerset Somerset
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8 St. Ann’s Road
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WR14 4RG

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