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Anne Badger

Offers aromatherapy, acupressure, pregnancy massage, baby massage (teaches parents how to massage their babies, including babies/small children with special needs). Direct experience with adults and children with physical impairments and children and young people with learning difficulties. Has run workshops for adults with special needs and older people. Also teaches peer massage in schools (MISP trained), Practices at home, also available to do home visits (preferably South Bristol).

Affiliated to IAIMUK & Well Mother. CRB checked and fully insured

Practises from home in Southville. Baby massage and peer massage at various venues in Bristol.

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Private Business
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Personal Health Services
South Gloucestershire Bristol
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Charges:£32.00-£40-per massage.
£40.00 for 4 week course of baby massage lessons.
£30.00 for one-off session of baby massage per baby.
£50.00 for one-off session of baby massage for groups.
£35.00 per hour for peer massage

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Concessions: Negotiable.

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Self Referral

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