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Asian Arts Agency

As one of the UK’s premier Asian Arts development agencies, we develop, commission, and produce a range of arts and music events. This includes events and tours, international work, programming for festivals, digital exhibitions, artist development, and education and participation activities.
We work with audiences from wider communities and all age groups at community and mainstream venues and festivals. The approach is inclusive, seeking to engage not only all of the South Asian communities, but also to share South Asian arts with the wider community.

The Asian Arts Agency has a fifteen-year plus track record of delivering high quality artistic activity. Over the last few years it has delivered extraordinary programmes including more than 500 events reaching nearly 300,000 people as participants and audiences, working with nearly 200 organisations and partners.

The Agency is based in Bristol, just a short walk from the city centre, and made up of a small but energetic and close-knit team.

The Asian Arts Agency is funded by Arts Council England and Bristol City Council.

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South Gloucestershire Bristol Bath and North East Somerset
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