Organisation Name
Extra Care Housing Scheme - Bath and North East Somerset

Extra care housing offers a high level of services and facilities, meals and personal care services. Extra care housing schemes can also be called assisted living or housing-with-care. They are usually flats or apartments with shared rooms for activities and social events. Extra care schemes are for older people who can no longer live completely on their own but do not need 24-hour complex medical supervision.

Extra care housing is available from many different providers. Some extra care housing is allocated by social workers through a lettings scheme agreed between Sirona, housing associations and the Council. Social workers help to decide what type of accommodation you need.

Organisation Type
Statutory Service
Alternative names
Bath and NE Somerset - Extra Care Housing Scheme
This organisation provides support around
Living, Learning, Working Home Maintenance, Adaptation & Housing
This organisation provides support for
Older People
Bath and North East Somerset
Is there a cost for these services?
Contact for details
How can people access this service?
Professional Referral

Primary Organisation Details

Primary Address Details

Address 1
Housing Options and Advice Team
Address 2
P.O. Box 3343
Bath & North East Somerset

Organisation Contact Methods



Helpline Details

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Access Questions

Are there bus stops nearby?
Approx. distance?
200 meters
Is there a car park nearby?
Approx. distance?
50 meters
Is there parking for disabled drivers on site or outside the building?
If so, how many spaces?

Internal Access

Are there internal steps?
Do these steps have a handrail?
Is there more than one floor at the premises?
Is there a lift?
If so, does it have wheelchair access?
Does the toilet have a minimum size of 2200mm × 1500mm
Does the toilet have a minimum door size of 1000mm
Does the toilet have grab rails - 1x drop-down?


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