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UH Bristol Primary Care Dental Services

At the Primary Care Unit we provide an emergency service for patients who are not registered with a dentist. The service is available from Monday to Friday before 10.00am (doors open at 8.00am) and is provided by supervised dental students on a predominantly first come first served basis.

We attempt to see all patients who attend but this is not always possible. You may have a long wait to see somebody. Children and those with severe oral dental problems are usually given priority.

If you are currently under treatment from your own dentist we are unable to accept you for treatment unless you have a referral letter from them.

If accepted for assessment that day, you will either be allocated a patient treatment slot or asked to wait and see a nurse who will either allocate you a treatment slot or give advice as to where you may be treated.

If you are accepted for treatment, please be patient. You are allocated to a particular student or staff member so it may appear that patients who arrived after you are being seen before you. This depends upon patients presenting problems and the speed at which staff can see and treat their allocated patients.

UH Bristol Primary Care Dental Services (PCDS)

The Community Dental Service (CDS) provides dental care for people, who are unable to access treatment from a general dental practitioner (GDP) because of special needs, or disabilities. This includes, for example, those individuals with mobility problems, learning difficulties, dental phobia or complex medical histories and those who are housebound. The Service is provided across Bristol, Bath and Weston and referrals are welcome from GDPs, GMPs, other health care professionals such as health visitors, carers and relatives. Home visits are available where patients are housebound, or where the disability is such that the individual would find it too difficult to visit a clinic, but this would be at the discretion of the Service.

The Dental Access Centres (DAC) provide treatment for patients who have experienced difficulty in being accepted by an NHS GDP. The Service gives priority to the relief of pain, but a partial or full course of treatment may be available where clinic capacity permits. Where possible, patients will then be referred to local GDPs for continuing care. The Service is available from the Dental Department, Riverside Health Centre in Bath.

The Dental Out of Hours Emergency Service (OOH) operates from clinics at Easton in Bristol (Charlotte Keel), Bath City Centre (Riverside) and Weston General Hospital. The Service provides the following to all patients whether you are NHS, private, do not have access to regular dental care, or are just visiting the area.

To access this service telephone 111

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Statutory Service
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Personal Health Services
South Gloucestershire Bristol Bath and North East Somerset North Somerset Somerset
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Contact for details
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Standard NHS charges apply unless proof of exemption is provided.

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Professional Referral

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UH Bristol PCDS Head Office
Address 2
Top Floor
Address 3
Bristol Dental Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street



Helpline service?

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British Dental Foundation Helpline

The Dental Helpline has answered more than 350,000 enquiries since its formation some 15 years ago. Staffed by fully trained oral health experts and dental nurses, we can provide you with free and impartial advice on a whole range of topics relating to your oral health.

We can help you on subjects such as dental terms and treatment procedures, oral hygiene, current legislation and regulations, dental charges, complaints procedures, and referrals to other organisations.

All enquiries are completely confidential and answered very quickly.

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Access Questions

Are there bus stops nearby?
Approx. distance?
Varies at each clinic
Approx. distance?
Varies at each clinic
Is there a car park nearby?
Approx. distance?
At some clinics
Is there parking for disabled drivers on site or outside the building?
If so, how many spaces?

External Access

Are there external steps?
If so, how many?
Varies at each clinic
Is there a ramp?

Internal Access

Are there internal steps?
If so, how many?
At some clinics
Is there more than one floor at the premises?


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