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The Orchard Medical Centre

Doctors (& gender):
Dr P. Yates (M), Dr M. Norman (M), Dr P. Flanagan (F), Dr R. Berkley (M), Dr E. Hardy (F), Dr. J Matthies (F)
Dr S. Frankland (F), Dr M Telling (F), Dr W.Bonn (F), Dr J. de Mink (F), Dr M Abubaker (M), Dr P. Searle-Barnes (M), Dr S. Grant (F), Dr M. Embrey (F), Dr L. Marsh (F)

You can register with us if you live within South Gloucestershire. However, if you would like to stay registered with a doctor local to where you live, you can also access or services by dropping into the practice.

Long-Term (Chronic) Disease Clinics

Minor Injury Service

Specialist Nurse Clinic

Midwife and Antenatal Clinics

Baby Immunisations Clinic

Mother and Baby Services

Influenza Clinics

Private and Professional Fees

Support-to-Stop Smoking

Canadian Medicals
Minor Injury Service

We run a Nurse-led minor injury service at the practice, which is available Monday to Sunday from 8.00am to 8.00pm.

Our minor injury service is available for anyone in the area who has a minor injury that occurred in the last 48 hours which needs medical attention. It is open to both registered patients at The Orchard Medical Centre and the general public who are not registered patients at the practice.

We deal with minor cuts, bruises, burns, sprains, head injury etc.

We do not deal with broken bones but will assess the injury if you are not sure. We do not deal with ongoing problems or dressings for wounds for people who are not registered with us; you will need to attend your own doctor's surgery for this.

Sexual Health Services

 Contraceptive and Sexual Health Advice
 IUCD fitting and removal
 Nexplanon fitting and removal
 STI screening including Chlamydia
 Emergency contraception
 Will we be able to provide emergency coil fit slots?????
 Pre-conceptual care
 Pregnancy testing and counselling re choices with subsequent signposting to appropriate services.
 Abortion and vasectomy advice.
 Cervical cytology
We envisage that being well positioned in Kingswood Town Centre that we could be a satellite centre for sexual health services serving the Kingswood area. The building is situated in the heart of the Kingswood shopping area with ample parking adjacent to the site. There are excellent bus links to all surrounding areas with Kingswood being one of the busiest
We are positioned on the border of Kingswood and Bristol and are located in South Glos CCG
We could house external staff and run reception and waiting room facilities, or employ further team members to run services for the parent organisation. We have experience in doing both of these.
The Orchard Medical Centre has a number of staff experienced in sexual health provision including a very senior nurse who has worked extensively in the field of midwifery and sexual health as a registered CASH nurse offering pre/peri and post abortion, contraception, and vasectomy advice whilst working with Marie Stopes, who leads the sexual health work for the practice with one of the GPs. The majority of the nursing team also remove IUDs, and are trained in cervical cytology.
There are four (or is it 5?) doctors that regularly fit IUCD’s for patients
The Orchard held an APMS contract for 5yrs regularly treating non-registered patients and communicating with the registered medical practice regularly.
The Orchard is working in partnership with other practices in South Glos on a number of projects to explore how
we can work together to deliver services at scale. This includes pharmacists, dementia care work, mental health work, first line physiotherapy, DHI drug workers, prescribing and cluster projects. This includes developing links with other provider organisations. It is central to our future as a practice to develop working partnerships with other organisations to deliver care across boundaries and the sexual health service provides a further opportunity to work in this way.
The practice currently hosts staff from Sirona, North Bristol Trust, GP Care, DHI, The Carers Forum and One Care Consortium.
There are two pharmacies based in the town centre very close by
The building is purpose built and to a high standard for delivering medical and nursing care and complies with all the expected statutory and regulatory authorities such as infection control.
Advanced clinical procedures already take place such as cystoscopy run by GP Care

Organisation Type
Statutory Service
This organisation provides support around
Personal Health Services
South Gloucestershire Bristol Bath and North East Somerset
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Business Hours
MondayFrom 08:00To 20:00
TuesdayFrom 08:00To 20:00
WednesdayFrom 08:00To 20:00
ThursdayFrom 08:00To 20:00
FridayFrom 08:00To 20:00
SaturdayFrom 08:00To 20:00
SundayFrom 08:00To 20:00

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Address 1
Macdonald Walk
South Glos
BS15 8NJ

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100 yards
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4, 4A, 5A, 6, 41, 43, 43A, 318, 319
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100 yards
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Does the toilet have a minimum door size of 1000mm
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Does the toilet have grab rails - 1x drop-down?
Is the height of the reception desk at the premises between 750mm and 850mm?


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