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Hartcliffe Health and Environment Action Group

Hartcliffe Health and Environment Action Group (HHEAG) is local community development project managed by a committee of local residents from Hartcliffe and Withywood. The main aim of the project is to bring people together to work on health and environmental issues which will improve the local area and peoples lives. This project is open to anyone who lives in Hartcliffe and Withywood and the surrounding BS13 area. Main projects include:
1. A nutrition and cooking project, targeting pregnant women, families with children under five years, people diagnosed with a diet-related health condition, such as diabetes or heart disease.

2. Food for all - Hartcliffe Food Co-op a consumer food co-op which has a shop for members and non members and sells health foods including fair-trade goods, organic and locally grown fruit and vegetables at low cost.

3. Sow and grow - a food growing project which supports a group of local people to grow their own food on community plots.

4. Community market garden - Grows fruit and vegetables to supply locally to community outlets. This project also offers training and education for local schools.

5. Walks and Visits programme, some, not all, suitable for disabled access.

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Registered Charity
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This organisation provides support around
Socialising / Out and About Emotional Support
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Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership area - BS13 and BS14
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Cost information

There is only a charge of very small amounts for taking part in professionally tutored cooking courses.

How can people access this service?
Out of hours answer machine

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The Gatehouse Centre
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Hareclive Road
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BS13 9JN

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General Office


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50 yds
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Disabled parking telephone

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