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Hearing Link

Hearing Link works for and on behalf of adults with acquired hearing loss who communicate through speaking, listening and lipreading. We raise their awareness about the impact of hearing loss and increase their ability to manage this impact.

When people are becoming concerned about hearing loss, we help them find:
* What to do and where to go
* Who can help in their local area
* Which national services are most relevant to their needs

When people are really struggling to cope with hearing loss, we:
* Offer personalised emotional support to reduce isolation
* Support them where necessary while they approach these services
* Provide specialised services ourselves where these do not otherwise exist

When people are managing long-standing hearing loss, we make it easy to:
* Contact others with similar interests
* Form local groups and clubs
* Find out about relevant local and national public consultations and participate in these where relevant

Organisation Type
Registered Charity
This organisation provides support around
Personal Health Services Socialising / Out and About Emotional Support Living, Learning, Working
This organisation provides support for
Families Hearing Impaired
Is there a cost for these services?
Contact for details
How can people access this service?
Self Referral
Out of hours answer machine

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Address 1
27-28 The Waterfront
East Sussex
BN23 5UZ

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Services Available to People at Home

Email buddies, volunteer support, website, helpdesk


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Hearing Link Helpdesk
Telephone number
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SMS/Text Messages


General Accessibility

Services that increase accessibility

Lift, disabled parking spaces

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Access Questions

Are there bus stops nearby?
Bus numbers?
99, The Loop
Is there a rail station nearby?
Approx. distance?
1/2 mile
Is there a car park nearby?
Is there parking for disabled drivers on site or outside the building?
If so, how many spaces?

External Access

Do the premises feature non-revolving automatic external doors?
Are external doors 900mm or more wide with flat thresholds?
Are external doors non sprung?

Internal Access

Do the premises feature non-revolving automatic internal doors?
Are there internal steps?
If so, how many?
Do these steps have a handrail?
Are the edges of the steps a contrasting colour to the steps?
Is there more than one floor at the premises?
Is there a lift?
Are there visual alarm systems at the premises?
Is there an induction loop / induction coupling at the premises?
Can people with an assistance dog access the service accompanied by their dog?
Does the toilet have a minimum door size of 1000mm


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