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Lifeskills Learning for Living

Lifeskills - Learning for Living is a safety education and training centre built as a realistic 'village' on the 4th floor of The CREATE Centre, Hotwells, Bristol.

It is designed to help children, adults with learning difficulties and older people learn about safety in a fun and practical way, specifically in the home, on the road or during leisure time.

Lifeskills bridges the gap, which often exists between knowledge and behaviour. The Lifeskills approach is both interactive and 'hands-on'.

The village has a road, shop, houses, a garage (used for drug education) garden, electricity substation, dark alleyway (used for personal safety messages), building site, playground (used for First Aid), stream, railway, farm and countryside. Sound effects bring the village to life.

Lifeskills is a registered charity (1080747) and has the full support of headteachers, local councils, NHS, the emergency services and other key agencies.

Organisation Type
Registered Charity
Alternative names
This organisation provides support around
Socialising / Out and About Living, Learning, Working
This organisation provides support for
Children & Young People Older People Learning Difficulties
South Gloucestershire Bristol Bath and North East Somerset
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MondayFrom 08:30To 16:30
TuesdayFrom 08:30To 16:30
WednesdayFrom 08:30To 16:30
ThursdayFrom 08:30To 16:30
FridayFrom 08:30To 16:30
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The Create Centre
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Smeaton Road

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100 metres
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Next to CREATE centre
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