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Limpley Stoke and Freshford Transport Link

The transport link was first set up in 1989 in Limpley Stoke and later extended to Freshford, to help people make important journeys which they could not do by public transport. The villages are spread over steep hillsides and therefore medical, shopping or social visits can present major problems for the elderly, the frail or people with disabilities.

The scheme is run by a committee drawn from both villages. Its members are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The Transport Link is there to help anyone who has a transport problem which cannot easily be solved in any other way.

The transport link is a voluntary organisation using volunteer drivers. The drivers receive expenses to offset the cost of petrol. Other main expenses are insurance and telephone charges.
Booking Information

How the bookings are managed:

Calls will be answered and journeys organised by either the Co-ordinator or relief co-ordinator who will let the passenger know the name of the driver.

There can be no guarantee that a driver will be available for any particular journey but failure to accommodate is very rare.
Cost of Transport: To pay for driver expenses the Link relies on donations from passengers. Drivers carry special envelopes into which donations can be placed at the end of each journey.

Call us to book a journey or find out more.

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Community Group
Alternative names
The Link
This organisation provides support around
Getting Around
Bath and North East Somerset
Is there a cost for these services?
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Donations are accepted from passengers.

How can people access this service?

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Address 1
2 Old Track Limpley Stoke BANES BA2 7GY
Limpley Stoke

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