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Lung Exercise and Education Program (LEEP)

The Lung Exercise and Education programme (LEEP) is designed to help people to live better with breathing problems. They are referred to the programme by their G.P., practice nurse or chest consultant. LEEP helps by:
* Helping to cope with breathlessness
* Improving fitness
* Reducing anxiety and depression
* Improving quality of life.
LEEP does this by:
* Exercise: The exercises are designed to strengthen muscles and therefore, improve fitness and help breathing. It also works on general conditioning and improving endurance.
* Education: LEEP covers a wide variety of topics, helping understand how to live and manage lung disease
* Support: LEEP gives the chance to meet others who have the same or similar conditions and many of the same symptoms and concerns.

Opening times:
LEEP takes place on Monday and Friday afternoons, each session is 2 hours and the course lasts for 6 weeks. Attendance at both sessions is compulsory.
Partners and carers are invited to attend the educational component of the programme, to give them help living with lung disease.

Alternative names
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
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Personal Health Services
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Adults Professionals / Practitioners Exercise
South Gloucestershire Bristol
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Professional Referral
Out of hours answer machine

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Leep Office
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Level 2 Physiotherapy Department
Address 3
Cossham Hospital, Lodge Road
BS15 1LF

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Cossham Hospital
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Lodge Road
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