Organisation Name
CRUSE Bereavement Care - Bath and District

Provides counselling and support groups for bereaved people. Cruse groups are in Midsomer Norton and Chippenham. 24 hour answer phone.

Counselling one to one - at the office or client's home. Special groups for newly bereaved people, social friendship groups, family groups, children's counselling service, young people's counselling group.

Area covered - Bath and NES,

Organisation Type
Registered Charity
This organisation provides support around
Emotional Support Living, Learning, Working
This organisation provides support for
Children & Young People Adults
Bath and North East Somerset
Areas Served (Further Details)
Wiltshire, Somerset and Mendip.
Is there a cost for these services?
Cost information

Donations are welcomed.

How can people access this service?
Business Hours
MondayFrom 10:00To 13:00
TuesdayFrom 10:00To 13:00
WednesdayFrom 10:00To 13:00
ThursdayFrom 10:00To 13:00
FridayFrom 10:00To 13:00
Out of hours answer machine

Primary Organisation Details

Primary Address Details

Address 1
2 Westfield Court
Address 2
Third Avenue
Address 3
Midsomer Norton
Bath and NES

Organisation Contact Methods




Helpline service?

Helpline Details

Cruse National Telephone Helpline

The national telephone is answered mainly by a team of trained volunteers working in the special helpline area of our central offices in Richmond, Surrey. They have a lot of information available to them and should be able to advise you about benefits available to bereaved people, listen to your story and give you information about Cruse locally where you live. There are sometimes more calls coming in than there are volunteers to answer them so if you don't get through, do please try again or e-mail the helpline.

Telephone number
Will calls I make to this helpline show on my bill?
Helpline Opening Hours
MondayFrom 09:30To 17:00
TuesdayFrom 09:30To 20:00
WednesdayFrom 09:30To 20:00
ThursdayFrom 09:30To 20:00
FridayFrom 09:30To 17:00


General Accessibility

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Access Questions

Are there bus stops nearby?
Is there a rail station nearby?
Is there a car park nearby?
Is there parking for disabled drivers on site or outside the building?
Is there on-street parking in close proximity to the premises?

External Access

Do the premises feature non-revolving automatic external doors?
Are external doors 900mm or more wide with flat thresholds?
Are there external steps?
If so, how many?
Do these steps have a handrail?
Is there a ramp?

Internal Access

Are there internal steps?
If so, how many?
2 flights
Do these steps have a handrail?
Are the edges of the steps a contrasting colour to the steps?
Is there a ramp?
Is there more than one floor at the premises?
If so, does it have wheelchair access?
Can people with an assistance dog access the service accompanied by their dog?
Is there provision for assistance dogs? (Water bowl and toilet area)

These details are for the counselling room in Bath, the room in Trowbridge and Midsomer Norton are both ground floor with no steps.

Does the toilet have a minimum door size of 1000mm
Is the height of the reception desk at the premises between 750mm and 850mm?


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