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Common Purpose is an independent educational organisation which aims to improve the way towns and cities work. Through delivering an educational programme for people from all different sectors in society, private, public, voluntary and community. The programme builds into a 360 degree briefing on the society in which they live and work. There is a Common Purpose programme in every major city in the UK and in an increasing number
of towns. By the year 2000, 10,000 leaders from all sectors and backgrounds will have become Common Purpose graduates.

The Common Purpose programme.
The programme concentrates on how a town or city ticks and examines the core issues which touch those who live and work in it. The programme starts with a two day residential. There are then a series of intensive single programme days each month: 9 for the Matrix programme, to cover the needs of large cities, and 4 for the focus programme in large towns.

Each of the programme days concentrates on one core issue: housing, education, crime and justice, governance, planning & environment, arts, health or cultural diversity. The days include a variety of locations and stimuli: guest speakers, behind the scenes briefings, workshops, visits, case studies and question and answer sessions. On average 38 participants make up each Matrix year group, with 24 on Focus. Care is taken to ensure that the participants reflect the professional, geographical and ethnic diversity of their area. Most participants are over 30 and already hold a position of considerable responsibility.
Beyond these criteria, they look for talent, motivation, vision and the genuine potential to move into key decision making roles either professionally or within the community.

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