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One25 works with street-based sex workers, women in the process of exiting such work, and those who have now exited. They offer advice, information, hospitality and friendship. Home, hospital, and prison-visiting available. Help with housing and resettlement, and support in court. Caseworkers available to work with women wanting to make changes.

Van outreach: Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri 21.00 to 00.00: hot drinks, sandwiches, condoms and a listening ear in a safe, women-only space.

Drop-In: Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri afternoon 13:00-16:00 at The Grosvenor Centre, a safe women-only space offering hot meals and drinks, condoms, a listening ear, lounge area, shower and washing facilities, videos, books and magazines, and second hand clothes. Regular health and sexual health clinics, drugs advice workers, housing support, police surgery, basic skills, and creative writing.

Foot outreach weekly: condoms, chocolate and a chance to make contact.

Sexual Health Services

 Only organisation in Bristol acting as gate keeper for sexual health of women involved in street sex work
 Working with women involved in street sex work in Bristol for over 20 years
 Outreach 5 nights per week offering advice and signposting, condoms, food and drink, Ugly Mug reporting – currently piloting use of sexual health screening kits
 Drop-in – 4 afternoons per week – currently offering sexual health clinic, GP clinic, advice and signposting, link to specialist casework provision at One25, shower, laundry, hot food, drinks, clothing, creative activities, access to computers, phone and advice, crisis support
 Specialist casework support – drug treatment, criminal justice, violence and abuse, mental health, housing
 Based in central Bristol and meeting needs of 230 women who are involved in street sex work, at risk of street sex work or in the process of exiting from street sex work
 Offering sexual health provision for women involved in street sex work and who are disengaged from mainstream services

 Strong reputation locally
 Only specialist provider working exclusively with women involved in street sex work in Bristol
 20 years delivering services in Bristol
 Close working links with sexual health services in Bristol since 1995

Organisation Type
Registered Charity
Alternative names
One25 Project, 125 Project
This organisation provides support around
Personal Health Services Emotional Support Living, Learning, Working
This organisation provides support for
Drug & Alcohol Misuse Women Homeless Offenders/Ex Offenders Survivors Of Abuse Mental Health Issues
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Business Hours
MondayFrom 09:30To 16:30
TuesdayFrom 09:30To 16:30
WednesdayFrom 09:30To 16:30
ThursdayFrom 09:30To 16:30
FridayFrom 09:30To 16:30
Out of hours answer machine

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Address 1
The Grosvenor Centre
Address 2
138a Grosvenor Road
Address 3
St Pauls

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100 yards
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.5 miles
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The nature of the client group makes it very unlikely that clients would have an assistance dog. However, if anyone needing to use our premises had an assistance dog they would be very welcome to bring it and we would make any necessary provision.


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