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The Conservation Volunteers - Tree Life Centre

Tree Life Centre takes volunteers - anyone who is physically able and reasonably independent (or with support worker) to grow native trees and wildflowers from seed. This includes seed collection, planting out seedlings into beds, weeding, mulching, site maintenance such as building compost bays, footpaths etc.

The Centre also does offsite tree planting, woodland management and other conservation tasks.

Monday - Wednesday open for general volunteers looking after the nursery focusing on growing native trees; alongside these specific groups:

Monday - Edible Plants Project for people with learning difficulties.

Tuesday - Wildflower Project open to all.

Wednesday - Herb Garden Project for people with mental health issues.

However all these days are not strictly set and all activities can be accessed on all days.

Thursdays - set aside for people to take qualifications in work based horticulture.

If you are interested in volunteering or any of the groups simply phone or email to arrange an initial meeting and to look around the project.

The work takes place at Grimsbury Farm in Kingswood. It is mainly outdoor work.

Minibus pickup is available from central Bristol on a Monday.

Organisation Type
Registered Charity
Alternative names
TCV Tree Life Centre - South Gloucestershire
This organisation provides support around
Socialising / Out and About Living, Learning, Working
This organisation provides support for
Adults Learning Difficulties
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How can people access this service?
Business Hours
MondayFrom 10:00To 16:30
TuesdayFrom 10:00To 16:30
WednesdayFrom 10:00To 16:30
ThursdayFrom 10:00To 16:30
FridayFrom 10:00To 16:30
Out of hours answer machine

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Grimsbury Farm
Address 2
Grimsbury Road
Address 3
BS15 9SE

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Rachael Ford
Job title / Position
Tree Life Centre Project Officer

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Mobile Telephone


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Qualifications in work-based horticulture available.


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300 metres
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42, 43, 44, 319
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50 metres
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Internal Access

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