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Stroke Association - South West Region

Stroke Association is the leading charity in the UK changing the world for people affected by stroke.

In the last 20 years the numbers of people dying of a stroke has halved while the number of major strokes has decreased by 40 per cent. More people than ever are benefiting from cutting-edge treatments and making full recoveries. And more people now understand the need to seek emergency treatment for stroke.

We’ve been at the heart of every one of these developments, championing the cause of stroke and stroke survivors.

Our research has helped to improve treatments and care which has saved tens of thousands of lives.

Our support services have helped hundreds of thousands of people get through one of the most frightening experiences of their lives and build a life after stroke.

And our campaigning has touched the lives of even more people through initiatives like the FAST campaign which we developed to help people recognise the signs of a stroke and take emergency action.

The Department of Health in England was so impressed with this campaign that they took it up in 2009 and promoted to millions of people.

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Registered Charity
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Personal Health Services Socialising / Out and About Emotional Support
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Children & Young People Disabled People Older People Adults Carers LGBT Professionals / Practitioners
South Gloucestershire Bristol Bath and North East Somerset
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MondayFrom 09:00To 17:00
TuesdayFrom 09:00To 17:00
WednesdayFrom 09:00To 17:00
ThursdayFrom 09:00To 17:00
FridayFrom 09:00To 17:00
SaturdayFrom 09:00To
SundayFrom 09:00To
Out of hours answer machine

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Address 1
Liberty House
Address 2
South Liberty Lane

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Information, Advice, Communication Support , Stroke Prevention, Getting Back to Life, Stroke Clubs and Groups, Carer Support


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Stroke Helpline and Information Service

If you have been affected by a stroke in any way, you may have many questions about what has happened and what is likely to happen in the future. You may be looking for information about stroke, practical advice and support, or simply someone to talk to.

The Stroke Helpline and Information Service is here to help. When the Helpline is closed or all our lines are busy, you can listen to recorded information about stroke or request a free information pack.

Telephone number
Cost per minute
Calls from mobiles, BT, other fixed line or payphones cost no more than a call to a national 01 or 02 number and are included in any free minutes you have as part of your phone/mobile package. 0303 numbers are reserved for use by the public and charity se
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The Helplines Association


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