Welcome to Work Aware, the Bristol Employment Working Group's electronic toolkit.  To begin, simply click on the question in the following list you would like help with:


1. Are you looking for a job for yourself or a friend/family member?

2. Are you trying to help a client or patient to find work?


3. Do you or a friend/family member need help keeping a job?

4. Are you trying to help a patient or client stay in employment?


5. Do you need some help on employing someone with mental health needs?

6. Or are you looking to help improve mental health and wellbeing in your workplace generally?


Work Aware logoWork Aware is an independent resource developed by the Bristol Employment Working Group, a subgroup of the multiagency Bristol Mental Health LIT (Local Implementation Team).  The Employment Working Group is made up of health and social care professionals, service users, business representatives and other experts in the field of mental health and employment. If you would like to be considered for membership, or would like any more information about the group, please contact Helen Underhay (0117 923 2741 / HUnderhay@mentalhealthmatters.co.uk).