Do you or a friend/family member need help coping with the job you're already in?  These are the top 4 most useful documents that may be able to help you - just click on the picture or title to download. 


Essential Reading:


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1. What Works For You

It can be hard to know what to do when someone you work with is going through a tough time or has a mental health problem. But knowing how to support a colleague can make a huge difference to how they cope. What Works for You? outlines how a colleague can be helped and suggests where to go for further advice. (Mental Health Foundation, December 2008)


2. Removing Barriers

Many people with mental health problems find it difficult to remain in employment and face isolation and discrimination in their workplaces. Removing Barriers: the Facts about Mental Health and Employment looks at the barriers to employment and at positive initiatives that are being undertaken. (Centre for Mental Health, July 2009)


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3. Working Together to Reduce Stress at Work

There is a difference between stress and pressure. We all experience pressure on a daily basis. It is when we experience too much pressure without the opportunity to recover that we start to experience stress. Working Together to Reduce Stress at Work is a short guide on how work-related stress can be tackled by working with your employer to identify issues at source and agreeing realistic and workable ways to tackle them. (Health and Safety Executive, November 2008)


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4. Feeling Stressed: Keeping Well

Feeling Stressed: Keeping Well is a self-help booklet. Subtitled "A Preventative Approach Towards Harmful Levels of Stress At Work", it is designed to help you gain more control over problems or difficulties you may encounter as a result of stress caused by workload, relationships with colleagues, outside work pressures or other issues. (Mindful Employer, 2006)


If you're looking to keep the job you or a friend/family member have already got, you may also be interested in the following additional documents - while not directly aimed at you, they will still be helpful with your question more broadly.


Further Reading:


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a) Sick Note to Fit Note

This guide has been produced in partnershipwith the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the Confederation of British Industry, the Federation of Small Businesses, Acas, the Association of British Insurers and EEF, the manufacturers’organisation. Sick Note to Fit Note is for all employers and includes information on the changes to the form itself and the effect of these changes on your business and your workforce. (Department for Work and Pensions, February 2010)



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b) Realising Ambitions (The Perkins Report)

For generations, people who experience mental health conditions have been "out of sight, out of mind".  Subtitled 'Better employment support for people with a mental health condition, Realising Ambitions, a review by Rachel Perkins, Paul Farmer and Paul Litchfield seeks to offer ways of reversing the trend of worklessness for people with a mental health condition. (Department for Work and Pensions, December 2009)


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