Bristol: An Autism friendly city

Bristol City Councils website states that: "It is our aim to make Bristol an autism aware and autism friendly city. Many autistic people don’t need or want formal services, but do need those around them to make small changes in their behaviour.

Part of our work is to try to make people more aware of the small things they can do to accommodate autistic people."

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Austism action plan

Bristol City Council have set out an action plan of how they will help support those with Autism. The key aims are to:

  • Make sure more people and services understand how to support people with autism
  • Make it easier for people to find out whether they have autism, and what services there are that can support them
  • Make it possible for more children to stay with their families and for adults to live in their own homes with the right support.
  • Support adults with autism to make it easier for them to find paid work, or the right college course.
  • Make sure children to have a chance to find out what work they might want to do when they grow up.
  • Make better plans for people with autism
  • Support family carers better, so they can have more choices about short breaks or other services.

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