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The BaNES Strategy

  • Increase awareness and understanding of autism across all public services in order to increase the recognition of autism and enable staff to be better equipped to meet people’s needs.
  • Develop a clear pathway for the assessment and diagnosis of people who are on the autism spectrum. It is then important to ensure that diagnosis leads on to improved assessment of need and support for an adult who has been diagnosed with autism.
  • Ensure that a range of services and support can be accessed by people with autism and that most importantly; opportunities for employment and housing are expanded, challenging the current high levels of social exclusion.
  • Helping adults with autism into work
  • Enabling local partners to plan and develop appropriate services for adults with autism to meet identified needs and priorities 

To read the full document "Bath and North East Somerset Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives Autism Strategy 2012 - 2016",click here.

what does that mean?

Put simply...

BaNES local council want the people who you see from 'public services' to better understand what Autism is, so they can help you more.

Some of these 'public service' people could be nurses at Hospitals, Doctors or Fire Fighters. You may speak to a Police officer or borrow a book from the Library, all these people work in 'public services'.

BaNES want to help people with Autism get the most out of life, making sure there are plenty of places to go and things to do, and that you can easily access them. 


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