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The Governments Vision for Autism

  • Local areas should have a person who is responsible for the services you need.

  • People with autism are involved in saying what services you need.

  • Local services should help people with autism to: 

* Get the right support
* Get jobs
* Have a better life
* Be part of society

The government has an extensive paper on how health and social organisations need to be trained in Autism and how best support those with Autism, their family and carers. These guidelines are contained within the white paper “Statutory guidance for Local Authorities and NHS organisations to support implementation of the Adult Autism Strategy”

This paper outlines the need to further improve the lives of those with Autism, their families, carers and those who are diagnosed with Autism, some points raised are:

Helping those concerned:

  • Live life to the full
  • Make the most of the things they can do
  • Live in a society that understands and accepts them
  • Be told quickly that they have autism and get support if they need it
  • Have services treat them fairly as individuals.

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