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There is a common misapprehension that with sight loss you are often regarded as unable to work or a problem for employers.  With the right advice and support, however, employers can retain skilled and experienced staff, enabling employees to continue in the jobs of their choice. By accessing the right training you can also develop new and existing skills.


You may also be able to take part in Access to Work for example. Access to Work is a scheme run by Jobcentre Plus. The scheme provides advice and practical support to disabled people to enable them to work alongside their colleagues despite their disabilities.


If you have a disability and are in a job, about to start in a job, or are self- employed, Access to Work could benefit you. It applies to any paid job, part-time or full-time, permanent or temporary. There is no minimum number of hours for eligibility for support under the scheme.  


Access to Work can help you in a number of ways. For example, it can help pay for adaptations to premises and equipment, special aids and equipment, support workers, travel to work where there is no practical public transport alternative and awareness training for your colleagues.


If you are looking for work and feel you may need extra help to do this you also can access schemes such as Workchoice that are designed to support people into work. For more information contact your local Jobcentre Plus.


For further help or support with sight loss, please call your local Action team in the South West on 0117 953 7750 or visit the website at:



Support Groups

Here are some organisations that offer advice and support on employment and training


Jobcentre Plus



Access to Work



Action for Blind People

Telephone: 0117 953 7750