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With the right advice and assistance, blind and partially sighted people can be empowered to achieve their goals and continue to live independently.


With sight loss you can feel that the life you had before it began is over. By accessing the right information and support you can regain control of all aspects of life after sight loss, enabling you to make informed choices about maintaining your independence.


And by accessing local services you can learn new skills, from an initial assessment of your needs and wants, through registering as blind or partially sighted, right up to creating a personal action plan. You can access support and help with issues and areas such as travel, leisure, housing, welfare rights, technology, employment and emotional support, among others.


Your local authority can provide support with living independently. Eligibility is assessed by the Health and Social Care teams and may include support such as training and advice on how to perform daily tasks, accessing funding for equipment and payments for support workers or to help you live independently.


To find out what support can be offered from your local authority contact them directly:

Bristol City Council – Telephone: 0117 922 2700

Bath and North East Somerset Council – Telephone: 01225 396000

South Gloucestershire Council – Telephone: 01454 868007


Support Organisations

Here are some organisations that offer advice and support with independent living:


Action for Blind People

Telephone: 0117 953 7750



West of England Centre for Inclusive Living (WECIL)

Telephone: 0117 903 8900