Case Studies

To find out more about the work we do and how we might be able to help you, please read our case studies below. If you’re struggling to find the services you need, just send us a query using the form below or call the team for free on 0808 808 5252.

Well Aware users are usually encouraged to contact organisations themselves, but we know that everyone has different needs. Here at Well Aware we believe our job is to break down the barriers to accessing services, bridging the gap that many service users feel stands between them and the services they need.

Lauren Finds 93 Year Old Service User an Accessible Dentist in Bristol

Jane, a 93 year old Bristol resident, was having trouble getting to her usual dentist. It was a first floor surgery and she was struggling with the stairs leading up to it. She recently attended a talk given by Outreach Officer Dan on using Well Aware and spoke to him about the problems she was having. Dan recommended she give the Well Aware team a call to ask them to help her find a more accessible dentist.

The next week, Jane called the team and spoke to Lauren. Lauren chatted to her about her situation, took her details and told Jane she’d be in touch soon. Lauren found lots of different options using ‘dentist’ as a search term for Jane’s area. However, Lauren had noticed during the phone call that Jane was struggling to hear her properly and having trouble remembering her post code and phone number. Lauren thought Jane could do with a little extra care and attention so decided to call dentists she had found to find out more about their accessibility and make sure they would accept a new patient. Lauren found three dentists that were suitable for Jane, and also found information about local buses to make sure Jane knew how to get there.

Mike Finds Social Activities in South Gloucestershire for Widower

Dave, a recently bereaved older gentleman, was feeling lonely and isolated. He called Well Aware to find some information on activities he enjoyed in the past and wanted to take up again. Well Aware Administrator Mike took Dave’s call and chatted to him about the kinds of groups and clubs he wanted to join. Mike told Dave he’d find this information and send it out in the post for Dave to look through.

Mike searched for ballroom dancing, bridge, walking, and gardening clubs and groups, and included lots of different options for Dave to choose from. Mike wanted to give Dave as many choices as possible, so he also searched for local community associations which often run the kinds of activities Dave was interested in. Mike found that Kingswood Community Association runs a gardening group, and Emersons Green Village Hall holds ballroom dancing classes.

As Dave had mentioned his bereavement, Mike included information on the Changes Over 55 Support Group where Dave could meet people in similar circumstances. Mike also included details on two local Linkage groups as great sources of information for any more groups and activities Dave might want to find in the future.