How To Guide

Adding an Organisation, Activity, Event or Group to Well Aware

This is your How To Guide for registering yourself on Well Aware. You can also download a PDF version by clicking here.

Whether it’s to promote your organisation’s services, create events and activities, or make favourite lists, you’ll need a user account.

To start, click Register at the top of the home page at

If you have any problems or questions about this process please call or email us on 0808 808 5252 or

1) Registering on Well Aware

Example of Well Aware Registration page.
Example of Well Aware Registration page.

Complete the registration form:

We only require your name and email address, and for you to create a username and password.

You’ll need to specify the type of account you require:

  • Individual: If you want to create and save favourite’s lists and don’t need to add service listings to Well Aware, please register as an Individual.
  • Community Event Organiser: If you only want to create activities, groups and/or events, please register as a Community Event Organiser.
  • Organisation: If you want to add an organisation (e.g. charity, company, etc.) to Well Aware please register as an Organisation. Once you’ve created your organisation listing, you’ll be able to create separate activities, groups and events linked to that organisation.

Once you’ve completed the form, click Submit.

2) Creating an Organisation entry on Well Aware

• If you’ve registered as an Organisation, you’ll now need to add an entry for your organisation on Well Aware. On the My Well Aware page simply click the Add an organisation button on the menu to the left of the screen.

• Complete the ‘My organisation’ form, including as much information as possible. Some fields require something to be entered in them, such as the type of service being offered and the area the organisation serves. Please make sure you include information about cost if applicable, contact details and any accessibility information is always helpful.

• Please enter an address for the organisation’s office or the venue it is based at in the ‘Address’ field, and enter a postcode in the ‘Map pointer’ field and then locate the address on the map below it. This will ensure that your organisation’s location will be shown on the map which appears next to the list of search results.

Please note: If your organisation doesn’t have an office or venue which the public can access then you can leave the ‘Address’ field blank, but we’d recommend that you put an approximate postcode in the ‘Map pointer’ field so that your organisation will appear when users perform a search centred around a specific postcode. For example, you can enter BS1 as the postcode if your organisation primarily serves Bristol or BS37 if it primarily serves South Gloucestershire.

What happens next?

Once you’ve completed the form click ‘Update Organisation’. The Well Aware team will receive a notification that a new listing has been submitted and we’ll check whether it’s appropriate for our website and if all the fields have been correctly completed. We’ll then either publish the listing or contact you for further information.

Your finished listing will look like one of the following:

3) Adding Activities, Groups & Events

When your Organisation listing has been approved, you’ll note that the menu options on your My Well Aware page will change – as shown on the right.

If your organisation runs activities, groups or events and you want to add them as separate listings on Well Aware, you can do so by clicking Add an activity, group or event. This will take you to a ‘Create Event’ form which you’ll need to complete.

Select the type of listing you wish to add in the ‘Entry type’ field:

  • Activity: An Activity is usually recurring and will be something like a regular coffee morning, exercise class, art and craft group, etc.
  • Group: A Group will also usually be recurring but is likely to be a closed support group relating to a specific need. For example, support groups for carers, people who have been bereaved or people suffering with poor mental health. People will usually need to contact the organiser to find out if any spaces are available.
  • Event: An Event will be a one-off workshop, meeting, community show, etc.

Please note:

  • You can choose between a one-off event or a recurring activity/group. If you select recurring you will be asked to enter the date of the next occurrence, how regularly it recurs and an end date. If the activity/group is open ended please enter an arbitrary end date.
  • You can choose whether the activity/group/event lasts all day or has a specific start and end time.
  • Please ensure you enter details about the venue, location and contact details. The address you enter in the ‘Full street address & postcode’ field will determine the position of the pointer on the map below.

When you have completed the form, click the Create Event button. As with Organisations, the Well Aware team will receive a notification that a new activity/group/event has been created and we’ll check it before publishing it on the website.

Adding an Activity, Group or Event as a Community Event Organiser

If you’ve registered as a Community Event Organiser you’ll see a slightly different My Well Aware menu (as shown on the right).

To add an activity, group or event to Well Aware, simply click on Add an activity, group or event. This will take you to the same form as described above. Simply complete this and click the Create Event button and the Well Aware team will check the listing for you. Once the listing has been created you can edit it by looking under ‘Manage my Activities…

Adding a Project

If your organisation runs a service that warrants a separate entry on Well Aware, you can add this as a Project. This could be a befriending service, an advice service, a support service aimed at a specific client group, etc. Simply click the ‘Add an additional project’ button in the menu shown above. The form is identical to the ‘My Organisation’ form.

Editing existing listings

If you want to update your main Organisation listing, click on the ‘Edit my organisation’ button on the My Well Aware menu. If you want to update an activity, group, event or project, you will find these listed under the lists ‘Manage my Activities…’ and ‘Manage Additional Organisation…’. Simply choose the entry you wish to update.

* Keeping your information up to date *

It’s important that the information on Well Aware is kept up to date.

If any of the details about the services, activities, etc. you provide change we’d be grateful if you could log in to your Well Aware account and update your listing(s) as soon as you can.

You will also receive an email from us every three months asking you to check that the details about your listing(s) are still correct. The Well Aware website will show people how recently your listing has been updated.

Contacting Well Aware

If you have any problems with any of the above or you just want to find out more about the Well Aware Signposting and Information service please call or email us on the following:

0808 808 52 52 or