Charities unite to provide a network of free debt advice

With money being tight, many people are finding it harder than ever make ends meet.  This could mean more debt, being unable to pay bills or simply not understanding what money you have a right to. 

Responding to the struggle are 7 charities in Gloucestershire, Bristol and surrounding areas who have partnered up to offer a free debt advice service called ‘Money Advice West’.  Funded by the Money Advice Service, Money Advice West was established with the vision to help people who have money and debt problems in Gloucestershire, Bristol and the surrounding areas.  We consist of 7 advice agencies who understand that money can affect many areas of life and so we offer expert support to help you with any money worries.  A client recently said, “The service was extraordinary; I felt listened to for the first time in years and am much less stressed as a result of your help.”

The agencies are spread from Gloucestershire to Bristol to North Somerset, so wherever you live in these areas, there is help near to you.  We offer sessions at all of our centres, but we also provide sessions at outreach services.  We provide support face to face, via phone or by email.

We understand that money can be overwhelming and we encourage people to ask for help as the sooner you do ask, the sooner we can help.  Contact Money Advice West to find out which charity is nearest to you by calling 0800 138 3422 or visiting