Contact the Elderly is now called Re-engage…

The charity that exists to bring older people together into social groups at a time in their lives when their social circles are diminishing has undergone a rebranding to reflect better what the work is that the charity does.

Re-engage, in the warm and vibrant colours of the new brand, and in the strapline “bringing generations together” we have found a name and brand that fits with what we do so well.’

Our amazing volunteers are re-engaging with and in communities. Our inspirational older people are letting us into their lives – yes, our staff and volunteer teams can bring them company and connections but think of all the joy and learning and experience that they can share with us when we re-engage with their generation. 
We are ready to move forward, inspired by our fresh look and the name which has always been there and has always been what we do.

Last year, more than 8,000 older guests were part of nearly 900 groups across the UK, supported by 12,000 volunteers. Could you give time to to help those in your local community who are isolated and lonely in later life?  

See here for information about the wonderful work that is being done by Re-engage and for details about how to become a volunteer for this great charity

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