Community Access Support Service

Community Access Support Service (CASS) works with community, equalities and faith groups in Bristol, helping them to support their members or communities in accessing mental health services across the city.

CASS Networkers will then support groups in local communities, giving advice and information on how they can:

* Access mental health support in Bristol

* Understand the new Bristol Mental Health services

* Signpost their members to relevant support

* Start a conversation about mental health and emotional wellbeing

* Address the issue of stigma surrounding mental health issues

* Report back to service providers about how mental health support is received and how it can be improved

The service has a focus on breaking down barriers faced by specific groups in accessing mental health support so that all the diverse communities of Bristol are accessing services, with a particular focus on groups which face exclusion and discrimination.

Contact details

Service details

  • Alternative names: CASS
  • Areas served: Bristol
  • Is there a cost for these services? no
  • How can people access this service? Email
Updated: more than six months ago.
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