Developing Health & Indepedence (DHI) Families & Carers Bristol ROADS Support Service

Developing Health and Independence (DHI) Bristol provides a free and confidential service to anyone affected by someone else’s drug and/or alcohol use as part of the Bristol ROADS support service.

We work with family members, carers and friends who are affected by someone else’s addiction by supporting them to learn about drug and alcohol treatment, learn skills to manage problems and make decisions as they arise.

We provide a range of services at various venues across the city. These services are available to family members, friends, partners and anyone else affected by someone’s alcohol or drug use. These services include:

Advice & Information:
Signposting and referral to a wide range of local and national services

Support Services:
Assessment of need to provide an individual package of support
Solution focused brief counselling as 1:1 and couples counselling
Parent and Carers Training Programmes (PACT)

We recognise the impact that someone else’s alcohol and drug use can have on those around them and therefore our services are specifically designed to improve the quality of life for those affected. We do this by supporting family members, friends, partners and anyone else affected to:

  • Have a safe and welcoming space where they can talk without feeling judged or stigmatised
  • Learn to develop effective coping strategies
  • Understand addiction and what drives someone to use drugs and/or alcohol
  • Explore how to improve relationships using effective communication and boundaries
  • Recognise the effects that someone else’s drug and alcohol use has on them
  • Share their experiences with others to tackle feelings of isolation

This service is for:
Anyone affected by the drug or alcohol use of someone else (such as a family member, partner or friend).

In order to be eligible you must be:
Over 18
Living in Bristol*

*If someone does not live in Bristol and they are affected by the drug and alcohol use of someone who is accessing support from Bristol ROADS, they may still access the service.

Contact details

Service details

  • Areas served: Bristol, unless the loved one using drugs or alcohol is accessing support through Bristol ROADS (in this case support is available to people living outside of Bristol)
  • Is there a cost for these services? no
  • How can people access this service? Self Referral
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