Bristol City Council – Accessible Homes

  • Do you have a disability, long-term illness, visual impairment, or problems with mobility due to age?
  • Are you having difficulty getting around your home or carrying out everyday tasks?
  • Do you care for a child or adult who has these difficulties?
  • Do you want help to live independently and with dignity?

What do we offer?

  • Advice and information – about equipment, adaptations or moving
  • Referral for rehabilitation – short term support to help you regain daily living skills such as, after an operation
  • Equipment – for example, to help you get in and out of the bath
  • Minor adaptations – including, hand rails, grab rails etc.
  • Help with moving home – for example, to a dwelling on one level, one that already has the necessary adaptations, or one that is much easier to adapt than your existing home.
  • Major adaptations – more permanent changes to your home including, ramps, stairlifts, showers, wet rooms etc.

How services are funded


We want to help you to find a solution that is right for you and advice may be all you need. Our specialist help line can provide you with information. There is no charge.

Equipment and minor adaptations

If you meet certain criteria some equipment and minor adaptations are provided free of charge, or you may get a payment to buy direct. If you are not eligible for funding we can help you make the right decisions about what to buy yourself, or you can contact West of England Care and Repair or Living

Paying for adaptations yourself

You may be able to afford equipment or adaptations yourself, or know someone who can do work for you:

  • We can give you advice or you can get expert help and support direct from West of England Care and Repair
  • By paying yourself you will get work done faster and help us to focus on people with more limited funds.

Grants for adaptations

Many older and disabled people are on low incomes. Several different grants are available:

  • To apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant you may have to have a financial assessment.
  • Bristol also offers some other types of grant for lower cost adaptations.
  • Grants have to give cost-effective solutions so that we can help as many people as possible.
  • Loans may also be available.

Grants for moving

If you decide to move rather than adapt your present home there may be some help with moving costs. If you are in a Council or Housing Association property you may be eligible for a payment if you move to a smaller home.

Who can we help?

We can help both adults and children. Where it says ‘you’ in the text – this may also refer to a child you care for:

  • We help home owners, council and private tenants. Housing association tenants – ask your landlord first as many will help you directly.
  • You must be a permanent resident of a home located within the Bristol City Council boundary.
  • You must have an impairment which has lasted, or is likely to last for at least 12 months with no prospect of significant improvement.
  • Your impairment must significantly affect your ability to carry out usual day to day activities in your home.
  • An adaptation will only be provided in your main home which you own, rent or occupy as a family member. You will need to confirm your legal interest in the property.
  • If your home is rented your landlord must provide consent for major adaptations.
  • You must have exclusive use of kitchen facilities – ie, not share with a family other than your own.

Help and advice over the telephone

When you first call us you can speak to an occupational therapist who can give you advice. They may arrange work directly for you over the phone, such as getting a hand rail fitted, or for a minor piece of equipment to be delivered. Sometimes we will need to contact your doctor for more information.

Some people may be referred for a health check. In other cases we may arrange for rehabilitation before anything else is done – particularly if you have recently had a stay in hospital or are about to be discharged.

People who are not able to walk or have more complex needs may get a home visit. Most disabled children will be visited at home

Contact details

Disabled Adults

  • Bristol Care Direct 0117 922 2700 or

Disabled Children

  • Disabled Children’s Service 0117 903 8250 or

Housing Association tenants

  • Please contact your landlord

Contact details

Service details

  • Is there a cost for these services? no
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