Bristol Disability Equality Forum are running Climate Change Sharing Sessions

Big changes are coming to Bristol to help stop climate change. To make sure that Disabled people are at the heart of these changes we are making a plan. We will create projects that are good for Disabled people and the planet. And we will feed in on the city’s plans.

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To help do this work BDEF are running sharing sessions. These sessions will bring together Disabled people with subject experts and council representatives. You are invited to join these sessions to share your expertise and lived experience as a Disabled person on the issue. Subject experts will listen to us and suggest projects that we could put into our plan and changes that they could make based on what they have learnt from us.
Places are limited for all sessions. Email: to take part. Please say which session/s you wish to attend and if you have any access needs.

When: 26th July, 1.30pm tea and biscuits, 2.00 – 3.30 discussion.
Where: Online and St Paul’s Learning Centre.
What is it about: Healthy nature is important for a healthy planet. Nature is also very important for our mental and physical well-being.
However, Disabled people are often excluded from green spaces and work to improve nature. Bristol will be making changes to improve nature for its climate plans and we need to make sure that these plans are accessible.
This session will explore how we can improve access to nature for Disabled people in Bristol and what the Disabled community can do to improve nature in Bristol.

When: 28th July, 10.30am tea and biscuits, 10.45 – 12.30 discussion.
Where: Online and Easton Community Centre.
What is it about: If Bristol changes how people travel then this will be good for the planet and good for our health.
It is important that the way this happens does not create new barriers for Disabled people and that plans to help people travel in ways that are good for the planet are accessible.
This session will explore how we can make sure that Disabled people can travel in a way that is good for both us and the planet.

When: 30th July, 12.30 tea and biscuits, 13.00 – 15.00 discussion.
Where: Online and St Paul’s Learning Centre.
What is it about: To help stop climate change, everyone needs to use energy that is better for the planet and to use less energy where this is possible.
However, many Disabled people have different energy needs than non-Disabled people. For example, we might need energy for mobility aids or to keep our houses warmer. When thinking about how we use energy in a green way, it is very important that our needs are met.
Taking action on energy can be good for the Disabled community. For example, we could create our own community energy sources, making energy cheaper for us and tackling fuel poverty.
This session will explore how the Disabled community can use and access energy in ways that are good for both us and the planet.

Non-BDEF event
Feeding Bristol.
Online session, July 9th 10-12am.
Feeding Bristol and Bristol City Council are hosting a series of community conversations around food in the city. In these conversations we want to hear your thoughts about food and what needs to improve in Bristol – the big things and the small.
We want to make Bristol a place where everyone is able to easily get the food they need, when they need it. Sadly, this is not currently the case – a problem made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic. To address this, Bristol City Council and Feeding Bristol are working with a number of different organisations across the city to put together a plan to make Bristol a fairer food city. If we are going to make positive city-wide change, we need to hear from Bristol residents about what they want, and what they need for their communities and in their neighbourhoods. We want to ensure that your voices are heard and are part of this change. In this session we want to talk specifically with disabled people living in Bristol.
Email: to take part.