If you’re concerned about your own or someone else’s memory, make an appointment to see your GP. The earlier you seek help, the sooner you can get information, advice and support.

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Conversation Cards for Dementia

Alive, the leading older people’s charity, has launched a free resource that offers conversation ideas and advice to help relatives, friends or carers in their relationships with people who are living with dementia. People living with dementia can become socially isolated, lonely and depressed through lack of engagement, and families and friends of loved ones can feel alone too, knowing that their relationships are going to change. It can sometimes be hard for people to know what to say or do.

Alive’s free resource pack contains pages of illustrations and ideas that anyone can use as simple conversation prompts with their loved one. The questions are themed around specific interests like gardening, school, travel, and music; topics that everyone can relate to. Designed by Alive’s specialist team, the conversation cards enable people living with dementia to recall and share memories more confidently.

More information about the cards can be found here.

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Help at the Airport

Need help at the airport? Bristol Airport has introduced a scheme to help people with non-visible disabilities like Dementia, as well as visible ones.

Bristol Airport Poster BDAA

Dementia Friendly Activities

Dementia Friendly Swimming

Accessible swimming for people living with dementia
The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) dementia friendly swimming project is a nationwide initiative to enhance the swimming experience of people living with dementia, and their carers, by improving facilities and removing barriers.
The scheme is available at a range of swimming pools in Bristol.

All our accessible swimming sessions are in a safe, supportive environment with:

  • Staff specially trained by St Monica Trust
  • Improved signage
  • Larger, unisex changing booths
  • Constant temperatures of 27-30 degrees

Why go swimming?

Research shows that swimming is a great all-round exercise that can benefit everyone’s physical and mental health. A diagnosis of dementia doesn’t mean you have to stop doing activities you enjoy or trying new things.

  • Clear your mind and reduce anxiety
  • Improve your mood and encourage positive thought
  • Relax your body
  • Low impact, so easy on your joints
  • Opportunity to socialise and carers go free!

Participating swimming pool locations – Dementia friendly swimming – bristol.gov.uk

Henbury Leisure Centre
Avonmouth Way
Bristol BS10 7NG
T: 0117 353 2555
E: henburyinfo@everyoneactive.com
A fully accessible community pool!

Horfield Leisure Centre
Dorian Road
Bristol BS7 0XW
T: 0117 903 1643
E: horfieldinfo@everyoneactive.com
Fully accessible, lots of car parking and a café!

Easton Leisure Centre
Thrissell Street
Easton BS5 0SW
T: 0117 955 8840
E: eastoninfo@everyoneactive.com
A family orientated centre in the heart of the community!

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre
Hengrove Promenade
Hengrove BS14 0DE
T: 0117 937 0200
E: hengroveinfo@parkwoodleisure.co.uk
A modern leisure centre with an impressive 50m pool!

Bristol South Swimming Pool
Dean Lane
Bedminster BS3 1BS
T: 0117 903 1618
Go back in time in this 1930s building!

Jubilee Swimming Pool
Jubilee Road
Knowle BS4 2LP
T: 0117 304 8180
E: bristol.jubilee@parkwoodleisure.co.uk
A community pool with something for everyone!​