South Gloucestershire Council Services Over Christmas & New Year

Some of South Gloucestershire Council services will have reduced operating hours over the holidays so, before visiting or calling, please check here for opening times and other changes. 

If there are any changes to Government guidance which will affect their services to you, the website will be updated as soon as possible.

Covid Vaccinations

All details of clinics, and how and where to book can be found here.

Bins and Recycling

There are no changes to waste and recycling collections in South Glos over Christmas and New Year. See recycling top tips from the council below:

  • Empty and squash all cans and plastic bottles
  • Flatten and cut up cardboard boxes – put extra cardboard inside another cardboard box if you can’t get it all in your container
  • Put extra plastics and cans together in a carrier bag next to your containers – tie it loosely to stop any escaping
  • Line your food caddy with paper, a compostable bag or plastic bag to help keep your food bin clean – use up or freeze leftovers to reduce food waste
  • Do the scrunch test for your wrapping paper – we can only collect paper and greetings cards without glitter, foil or plastic on them
  • Recycle your real Christmas tree.