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PDSA Bristol

Provide a range of medical and surgical veterinary services for sick and injured pets. These are staffed by highly qualified and experience veterinary surgeons and nurses.

Treatment to the sick and injured pets of eligible clients is completely free of charge. But because PDSA's veterinary services are funded entirely by public support, all owners are encouraged to make a contribution towards the cost of their pet's treatment, in order to enable PDSA to continue its valuable service.

Despite the tremendous public support PDSA receives, it simply does not have the funds to treat all sick and injured animals. Therefore, PDSA's precious resources are concentrated on those animals whose owners are the most in need in the community.

Who qualifies for treatment?

Each PDSA PetAid hospital and branch has its own catchment area, defined by local postcodes. The charity cannot register pet owners who live outside these specific areas for free treatment.

PDSA can only register clients who are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit (Council Tax exemptions are not the same as Council Tax Benefit and do not qualify).

To find your nearest PDSA PetAid hospital please use the 'Find us' feature on the website or call to enquire about your eligbility free on 0800 731 2502

Please call for an appointment and you will be advised about the proof of benefit and proof of identity you will need to provide, and an appointment will be made for your pet to be seen.

Please remember to bring these proofs with you on your first visit.

• Same-day appointments will be offered for all urgent and emergency cases.

• Less urgent cases will be seen within five working days.

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Registered Charity
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Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals
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Support Around the Home / Home Help
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556 Bath Road
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