***Featured Service*** Homeshare West

Homeshare West.  Homesharing is a way of providing low cost, high quality support to people aged 50+, who wish to remain living independently at home.  Householders are matched with a carefully selected and vetted, trustworthy adult who is looking for welcoming accommodation.  They provide a bedroom and share the facilities of their home.  In exchange, each week they get up to ten hours of practical help and companionship.

Homesharers are out during the day for their regular job or full-time studies.  They agree to be in the home at least three evenings each week and to sleep there every night, except for one weekend in three when they can go away if they wish.  They provide their own food and telephone.

Service offered to those living in the Bristol and Bath areas.  Answerphone always on.  Fees: £100.00 each calendar month.

More infomation can be found on their website https://www.homesharewest.org/