“Unlock Our Toilets!”

ACORN along with other organisations are calling on Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees and Cabinet Member for Public Health Ellie King to reopen the public toilets that have been closed in Bristol at these locations:

  1. Greville Smyth Park
  2. Mina Rd Park
  3. Colston Avenue 
  4. Fishponds Park
  5. Bridgewater Rd/Bedminster Common
  6. Blackboy Hill
  7. Shirehampton (Station Rd)

They are also asking them to undertake a review into the provision of public toilets in the city.

Public Toilets are essential. ACORN state:

We rely on them for our basic dignity at work, in our leisure time or travelling around our city. They are essential for those of us with disabilities, those with bowel and bladder conditions, those of us without a home, and the elderly. We deserve a city that we can live and work in, without fear of the indignity of being caught short. It is not simply an inconvenience for us – public toilets are a necessity.

(Acorn South West Region Website)

The have launched a petition which already has close to 3000 signatures. To help support this campaign you can sign the petition here Unlock Bristol’s Public Toilets! | ACORN South West region (good.do)