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[pass global=query fields=org_id]

[if pass='{ORG_ID}’ empty=false]

[loop type=custom-organisations id={ORG_ID}]

Below you can see the information we have about [field title]. The last time this information was updated was [-if field=date field_2=modified value=field_2][–if field=date before=2017-11-01]before the launch of our new site in November 2017[–else][field modified][/–if][-else][field modified][/-if]. We endeavour to keep this information up to date and accurate, but with thousands of listings on Well Aware this isn’t possible without organisations checking and updating their information. Please have a read through the information and select Yes or No at the bottom of the page to confirm if it is accurate or not.


[field title]


Website: [-if field=website_url][link field=website_url][field website_url][/link][-else]none[/-if]

Email: [-if exists][field email][-else]no service email[/-if]

Tel: [-if field=telephone][field telephone][-else]none[/-if]

Address: [-if field=address][field address][-else]no service address[/-if]

[-if field=fax]

Fax: [field fax][/-if]

[-if field=helpline_number]

Helpline: [field helpline_number]

[–if field=helpline_description]Helpline information: [field helpline_description][/-if]

[-if field=how_can_people_access]

How can people access your service: [field how_can_people_access][/-if]

Is there a cost: [field is_there_a_cost]

[-if field=is_there_a_cost value=No][-else]

Cost information: [field cost_information]

Is there a concessionary rate: [field concessions]

[–if field=concessions value=false][–else]

Concessions information: [field concessions_information]





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