Bristol successful in securing funding for more Changing Places toilets

Bristol City Council have been successful in securing £123,814 from the Changing Places Fund to provide three specialist Changing Places toilets for Bristol. The locations of these toilets will be in the Royal Academy West of England, at Blaise Estate and at Robinson House care home in Stockwood.

Changing Places campaign tirelessly to raise awareness for toileting facilities that are suitable for all. Their campaign is to ensure that “Changing Places Toilets [are] installed in all public venues, so that everyone, regardless of their access needs or disability or reliance on the assistance of carers or specialist equipment, can use a toilet facility with dignity and hygienically!

The addition of more Changing Place toilets will make such a difference for disabled people visiting Bristol. Changing Place toilets differ from standard accessible toilets “disabled toilets” as they a have more space and additional equipment such as a height adjustable changing bench and celling hoist. To read more about the facilities a Changing Places toilets has please see the Changing Places website Changing Places Toilets ( They also provide a handy guide to wear to find these facilities across the country including others in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Picture of a Changing Places Toilet, equipped with changing table, hoist and aids and lots of space.
Example of a Changing Places Toilet