Tips for using the keyword search

To get the most out of keyword searches, there are several different ways that you can enter your search criteria. Try to keep your search simple. A couple of words will usually do.

For example, social club, rather than evening social club for adults on a Monday. If you want to find an organisation that serves your area, type the name of the area or city you want the organisations to cover, for example Bristol, South Gloucestershire or Kingswood. Or if you want services ranked in terms of how near they are to you, type your postcode into the postcode box.  If you add a keyword such as social club as well, you will then get a list of services offering social clubs starting with the nearest one to you first.


Well Aware works like Google. If you put in your search words without double quote marks, Well Aware will look first for records with both those keywords in.

Did you know…

If you put keywords inside double quote marks – for example, “social club”,  Well Aware will first look for records with that phrase in.

Because Well Aware works the same way as Google, once it has found all the records with both keywords, it will then also list those records with only one of the keywords in them. So if there aren’t any records with both words in, records with only one of them will appear at the top of the results list.

Finally, if you know the letter the service you’re looking for starts with, or want to narrow your search to a particular area of Well Aware, you can use the 'try an advanced search' button located to the upper right of the main keyword search box.


Tips for using the suggestion buttons

If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, click on the suggestion button that most matches what you think you might be interested in or what your problem is. For example, if you’re having trouble getting up the stairs, click the image in the carousel gallery for Home Maintenance, Adaptation, Accommodation (you can move through the carousel by clicking on the arrows in the orange text box on the image). This will bring up a very broad list of all the organisations on Well Aware that might be able to help with anything related to your problem.

Did you know…

You can refine the displayed list by selecting criteria from the green boxes on the right hand side of the webpage. You can filter WHERE the organisation is, WHAT the organisations does  and WHO they cater for. Remeber to click APPLY after making your selection.

If you change your mind about a criteria you’ve selected,  just click on it again to remove it from your search and click APPLY to update the results.

If you would like to know more about searching, please contact the Well Aware team on (freephone) 0808 808 5252.