Introducing the Human Nature Project!

Free Nature Based Sesssions…

The Human Nature Project is suitable for over 16s and free for all to attend.

Launched in Bristol in April 2021, set in the two woodland sites of Blaise Castle dairy (for Tuesday sessions) and Leigh Woods green barn (for Wednesday sessions), the Human Nature Project provides members of the public with free access to a rolling timetable of seven different two-hour workshops.

Each workshop has two components:

  1. Forest therapy, a set of mindful-based nature connection practises. These practises are adapted from the Japanese practise of Shirin-Yoku, or ‘forest bathing’ which harnesses the mood-promoting, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting benefits of exposure to biochemical compounds released by trees. Benefits which are supported by medical research findings.
  2. Psycho-education, delivered in the format of group discussion, presentation, pair-work and exercises exploring one of seven themes pertaining to psychological well-being, drawing on research findings from multi-disciplinary fields.

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